torstai 2. syyskuuta 2010


was a freakin touch day @ work >:[], but thank god its friday 2morrow <3 ^^

maanantai 30. elokuuta 2010

1st day at work :)

finally started working, place seems cool, friendly ppl and a pretty good $ 2 :D

sunnuntai 29. elokuuta 2010


just found my old Gameboy color! talk about legendary! with i also found my old pokeman games, red,gold and crystal talk about epic games. on the gold version i had some beast pokeman, a lvl 100 quilava :D:D. got a feeling 2 try pokemon again after all these years :P.


yea ive been a die hard fan of the CSI series, i myself prefer the 1st and original CSI. Mostly cos of the characters. Well ofc H is awesome in CSI miami but otherwise are the characters pretty lame in Miami. New york sucked donkey balls.
Vote in the poll 2 tha right about CSI and let me know what u think by commenting :)

wtf internets

just made this thingy, no fkin idea how 2 use hopping 4 some free dollars :)